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Naming Rules

In general write file_names_like_this.cjsx, function_names_like_this, variable_names_like_this, ClassNamesLikeThis, and CONSTANT_VALUES_LIKE_THIS.

Writing functions

Declare functions like this:

  • function_name = (arg1, opts) -> ...

  • function_with_no_args = -> ...

  • function_in_component: (arg1, arg2, opts) -> ...

Notice that functions which behave as members to a class should have the colon directly after the name.

Do not declare them like this:

  • bad_function:(args)->

  • badFunction : (arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4) ->

Functions should have a maximum of 3 arguments. Typically no more than 2. For more arguments, use the opts pattern.

create_file: (opts) -> opts = defaults opts, name : "default name" ext : undefined current_path : undefined format_text: (value, opts) -> ... callback_function: (value, err, opts) -> ...

In general, if you ever find yourself wanting to use a default value for an argument, it's probably time to use opts.

Use => or ->? This has to do with scoping context at call time. There is (usually) a right answer.


We have (no?) stance on single quotes vs double quotes. However, do note that string interpolation in coffeescript only works using double quotes. ie.

verb = 'work' "This does #{verb}" # This does work 'This does NOT #{verb}' # Error: [hsy]> actually, it gives 'This does NOT #{verb}', right?

For very long strings, use string concatenation to split it over long lines

"This is a super long string that I want to split" + " lest I force the editor to overflow" + " or worse, force me to scroll sideways."

Also, notice the break before the operator.


variable = """ line 1 line 2 """

which also dedents the lines such that the string is actually ending up to be

line1 line2


[hsy]> how to comment functions, methods, ... ?