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Lab 1 Hydrogen Spectroscopy Notebook Template

Pre-Lab Exercises

Due at the start of lab on Mon/Tues, Jan 16/17. You may perform your calculations right here in Python, or do the calculations on paper and show them to your TA.

  1. Calculate the wavelengths of the Balmer \alpha , \beta , \gamma , and \delta lines in hydrogen and deuterium. Are these lines actually visible?
  2. Calculate the isotope shifts \lambda_H - \lambda_D of the Balmer \alpha,\beta,\gamma and \delta lines.

Mon/Tues, January 16/17

Place your notes, data, and analysis here...and maybe even a photo or sketch of your experimental setup.

Just to illustrate how to insert an image, I am including the figure from the lab guide here:

Plans for next time

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Wed/Thurs, January 18/19

Mon/Tues, January 23/24

Wed/Thurs, January 25/26