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GitHub Repository: sagemathinc/cocalc
Path: blob/master/
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William Stein ([email protected]) wrote most of CoCalc (formally called "SageMathCloud"). See the git history, which as of Oct 30, 2015, has 96% commits by him.

For a recent breakdown, run git shortlog -sn --no-merges.

Everytime the GPL licensing note refers to the "Authors of SageMathCloud", the following (maybe incomplete) list is meant.

  • Keith Clawson

  • Tim Clemans

  • Russ Hensel

  • Jonathan Lee

  • Andrew Ohana

  • Bill Page

  • Issa Rice

  • Nicholas Ruhland

  • Harald Schilly

  • Hal Snyder

  • William Stein

  • Christopher Swenson

  • Vivek Venkatachalam

  • Travis Scholl

Git Authors

To extract the names of all Git contributors, run this piece of Python code inside the codebase:

from subprocess import check_output authors = check_output(['git', 'log', '--pretty=format:"%aN <%aE>"', 'HEAD']) sortkey = lambda n : n.split("<",1)[0].split()[-1].lower() if "<" in n else n for name in sorted(set(authors.splitlines()), key = sortkey): print(name)