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GitHub Repository: sagemathinc/cocalc
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Issue Triage

Contributors with sufficient permissions on the CoCalc repo can help by adding labels to triage issues:

  • Yellow, A-prefixed labels state which area of CoCalc the issue relates to. Answers the question: "Where should I be looking?"

  • Green, E-prefixed labels explain the type of experience necessary to fix the issue. Answers the question "What kind of effort is necessary?"

  • Red, I-prefixed labels indicate the importance (relevance) of the issue. Answers the question: "Why is this important?"

  • M is market segment priority.

  • Orange, P-prefixed labels indicate a bug's priority.

  • The purple meta label denotes a list of issues collected from other categories.

  • The black, blocked label denotes an issue blocked by another.

  • Finally, upstream signals the problem is related to a library, usually includes a link to another issue.

If you're looking for somewhere to start, check out the E-easy tag.

List of labels and their descriptions

Most tags should be self explanatory but some can be unclear. If you're unsure what a label means how it's different from another email John Jeng at [email protected]. He'll probably add it to the description here.

  • blocked -- Always link what the issue is blocked by.

  • I-bug -- Something that is clearly wrong based on what the UI tells you or on strongly expected behavior by the majority of people.

  • I-enhancement -- Making something in CoCalc better.

  • I-feature request -- Adding some new component to CoCalc

  • I-slow -- Something that seems unnecessarily slow.

  • I-software request -- Requests for adding something to be installed in CoCalc by default.

  • I-UA -- Text that needs to be reworded or a tip that needs to get written.

Inspired by Rust's triage system.