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Kernel: Python 3 (Ubuntu Linux)
import dask dask.__version__
import dask import dask.distributed import os dask.config.set({ 'temporary_directory': os.path.expanduser('~/tmp'), '': True })
from dask.distributed import Client client = Client('') client

The dashboard is actually at{{ THE PROJECT UUID }}/server/8787/status

Websocket forwarding doesn't work, though ... hmm...

alternatively, start an X11 desktop in cocalc and run google-chrome at

data array similar to numpy arrays

import dask.array as da
x = da.random.random((3000, 3000), chunks=(300, 300)) x
y = x + x.T z = y[::50, 1000:].mean(axis=1) z
out = z.compute() out
(z[:100].sum() / z[:100].shape[0]).compute()

functions and native lists

fn = lambda x : x**3 - x**2 + 1 def neg(a): import time time.sleep(.1) return -a A =, range(10)) B =, A) C = a, b: a+b, A, B) total = client.submit(sum, B) total.result()


def fib(x): if x <= 1: return 1 else: return fib(x - 2) + fib(x - 1)
[fib(_) for _ in range(10)]

Dask Bags

import dask.bag as db b1 = db.from_sequence(range(-1000, 1000), npartitions=50) b1
import operator
is_odd = lambda x : x % 2 == 0 #b1.groupby(is_odd).map(lambda k_v : (k_v[0], sum(k_v[1]))).compute() b1.foldby(is_odd, operator.add, 0).compute()

Dask Delayed

from dask import delayed
inc = lambda x : x+1 from operator import add
z = delayed(0) for i in range(5): x = delayed(inc)(i) y = delayed(inc)(delayed(add)(i, x)) z = delayed(add)(z, y) z.compute()
import dask_ml
from dask_ml.preprocessing import Categorizer, DummyEncoder from dask_ml.linear_model import LogisticRegression
lr = LogisticRegression() lr
from sklearn.externals.joblib import parallel_backend with parallel_backend('dask') as pb: print(pb[0])