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GitHub Repository: sagemathinc/cocalc
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Development Information

  • Source code is in the src/ subdirectory.

  • Additional development information (which hasn't been updated in years!) is in the docs/ directory.


All development of CoCalc is done from within a cocalc project running on

See src/ to get started doing development.

The Components of CoCalc

Node.js modules

  • smc-util: utility code used in the browser and servers

  • smc-util-node: utility code used in servers

  • smc-hub: backend web and compute server code

  • smc-project: server code that runs in user projects

  • smc-webapp: frontend client code that runs in browser

  • See also the packages/ subdirectory.

Python modules

  • smc_pyutil: scripts and code used on servers

  • smc_sagews: Sage server