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Enhance your projects with Compute Servers

Illustration of Compute servers enhancing your CoCalc project
Compute servers enhance your CoCalc project

Extend your project's compute capabilities far beyond the bounds of its underlying compute environment.


Configure the remote compute servers exactly to your needs
  • CPU: you can not only select the number of CPU cores, but also the type of machine.
  • Memory: depending on the type of machine, select from the full range of possible memory configurations.
  • GPU: select one or more GPUs for your selected machine
  • Disk: configure the size and speed of the provisioned disk
  • Hosting: choose a subdomain, in order to host any kind of web application

Compute Server Functionality

More details about compute servers

GPU Support

GPU support in CoCalc compute servers
Compute servers have a quick startup time. Pre-configured Docker images are already pulled into the virtual machine. You neither have to wait a longtime to provision the machine, nor do you have to wait for preparing and installing the ncessary software environment.

Seamless Integration

Select compute server
CoCalc makes switching between the local compute environment and the remote compute server very easy.
The files in your project are synchronized with the compute server, which eliminates any headaches provisioning storage and transferring files back and forth.
As part of configuring the remote server, you can tune which folders are excluded from synchronization, select additional scratch storage space, and also configure the size of the remote storage disk.
At the end of using the compute machine, you can either stop it to preserve the data, or delete it to save the cost of keeping the stored files around.

Versatile Configuration

Configuring compute server
You can create VM's with over 10TB of RAM, over 400 cores, and up to 65TB of disk space.
You can choose one or more T4, L4, and A100 GPUs.
Many preconfigured software stacks are available, including PyTorch, Tensorflow, Google Colab, CUDA, SageMath, Julia, and R.
You can easily compare prices in different regions across the world, and get the best spot instance deals, or select low CO2 data centers. Compute servers have a cached networked filesystem, so you can take advantage of much better global rates, rather than being stuck in one region.
You can dynamically enlarge your disk at any time, even while the server is running, and the OS will automatically enlarge the available space.
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