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Dedicated VM's

CoCalc - Dedicated Virtual Machines

A Dedicated VM is a specific node in our cluster, which solely hosts one or more of your projects. This allows you to run much larger workloads with consistent performance, because no resources are shared with other projects and your machine can be much larger than any of our generic machines. The usual quota limitations do not apply and you can also rent additional disk space or SSD's.

To get started, please contact us at [email protected]. We will work out the actual requirements with you and set everything up. The list of dedicated VM options below are just examples; we can provide VM's with almost any configuration that Google Cloud offers: up to 224 CPUs, 12 TB of RAM, and 64TB disk space!

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Dedicated VM (small)
200 GB Disk space
15 GB Dedicated RAM
4 cores Dedicated CPU

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Dedicated VM (medium)
400 GB Disk space
52 GB Dedicated RAM
8 cores Dedicated CPU

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Dedicated VM (large)
600 GB Disk space
104 GB Dedicated RAM
16 cores Dedicated CPU