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Dedicated VMs and Disks

Dedicated Virtual Machines

Upgrade one of your projects to run on a Dedicated VM. This is an additional node in CoCalc's cluster, where resources are not shared with other projects. That machine can be much larger than any of our generic machines as well. This allows you to run much more intensive workloads with consistent performance, because the usual quota limitations do not apply. You can also rent additional disk space for faster additional storage.
The list of dedicated VM options below are just examples. Visit the Dedicated VM Store to see current options. Besides that, we can provide VM's with almost any configuration that Google Cloud offers: up to 224 CPUs and 12 TB of RAM!

Example 1
2 cores CPU
14 G RAM

Example 2
4 cores CPU
14 G RAM

Example 3
8 cores CPU
62 G RAM

Example 4
16 cores CPU
62 G RAM


Dedicated Disks

A Dedicated Disk is an additional storage device mounted into your project. Their speed ranges from traditional spinning disks with a rather slow number of operations per second up to fast SSD disks. You do not need to rent a Dedicated VM in order to subscribe to a Dedicated Disk.
The list of dedicated disk options below are just exmples. Visit the Dedicated Disk store to see available options. Usual disk sizes are 64, 128 and 256 GB, but we could provide disks that GCP offers with up to 64TB of disk space.
Note: When the subscription ends, all data stored on such a disk will be deleted!
128G slow
128 G Disk space
regular Snapshots
96/192 IOPS r/w
15/15 MBps r/w

128G medium
128 G Disk space
regular Snapshots
768/768 IOPS r/w
36/36 MBps r/w

128G fast
128 G Disk space
regular Snapshots
3840/3840 IOPS r/w
61/61 MBps r/w

To ease data transfer, make sure to check out how to mount cloud storage or remote filesystems into your project as well.

Listed prices are in US dollars. When charging in local currency, the prices are converted into local currency using the conversion rates published by leading financial institutions.