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Collaborative projects

Your work on CoCalc happens inside one or more projects. They form your personal workspaces, where you privately store your files, computational worksheets, and data. You typically run computations through a web browser, either via a Sage Worksheet, Jupyter Notebook, or by executing a program in a terminal. You can also invite collaborators to work with you inside a project, and you can explicitly make files or directories publicly available to everybody.

Teaching Courses

Teaching a course on CoCalc usually involves one instructor project hosting the course and one project for each student. Additionally, a shared project could be set up as a common space. Please check out course licenses for more details.

Project resources

Each project runs on a server, where it shares disk space, CPU, and RAM with other projects. Initially, you work in a trial project, which runs with default quotas on heavily used machines that are rebooted frequently. Upgrading to "member hosting" moves your project to a machine with higher-quality hosting and less competition for resources.

Upgrading projects

Each license you purchase provides upgrades to the project the license is assigned to. This improves hosting quality, enables internet access from within a project or increases quotas for CPU and RAM in order to work on larger problems and do more computations simultaneously. On top of that, your support questions are prioritized.
All project collaborators collectively contribute to the same project — their contributions benefit all project collaborators equally.

License Keys

License Keys are applied to projects. One license key can upgrade up to a certain number of simultaneously running projects with the given upgrade schema. You can apply a single license key to an unlimited number of projects.
The following parameters determine the price:
  • The number of projects
  • If you qualify for an academic discount
  • Upgrade schema per project: a small 2 GB memory / 1 shared CPU upgrade is fine for basic calculations, but we find that many data and computational science projects run better with additional RAM and CPU.
  • Duration: monthly/yearly subscription or explicit start and end dates.
  • Purchase method: online self-service purchasing versus a purchase order (which may require customized terms of service, wire transfers, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

On premises

It's also possible to run CoCalc on your own hardware. Please see on premises options for more information.