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Available tools

Jupyter Notebooks

CoCalc's own Jupyter Notebook implementation offers real-time synchronization, time-travel, automatic grading, side-chat, and more.

Sage Worksheets

Sage Worksheets are similar to Jupyter Notebooks, but made to work well with SageMath.

LaTeX Editor

A full LaTeX editor supporting preview rendering, forward/inverse search, error reporting, and more.

Linux Terminal

Access all powerful tools in a full Linux environment.

Unique Features

Native Jupyter Notebooks

This is a fully compatible rewrite of the classical Jupyter Notebook. It is tightly integrated into CoCalc and adds real-time collaboration, time-travel history and more.

Native Jupyter documentation

Chat rooms

Stand-alone chat rooms and side-by-side chat for each file give you the ability to discuss your work with your colleagues. Collaborators who are not online will be notified about new messages the next time they sign in. Chat supports markdown formatting, Latex formulas and @mentioning a collaborator.

Chat documentation


All your changes are recorded in fine detail. You can go back and forth in time across hundreds of changes to recover your previous edits.

Time-travel documentation

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Every couple of minutes, all files are saved in consistent read-only snapshots. This means we can recover previous versions of your files in case they got corrupted or accidentally deleted.

Snapshot backup documentation


LaTeX Editor

CoCalc includes a full LaTeX editor with side-by-side preview and forward/inverse search. This allows you to not only do computations online, but also create scientific documents for their dissemination.
Additionally, there is support for: SageTeX, PythonTeX and R's Knitr.


Conveniently edit Markdown .md or HTML documents with side-by-side live preview, showing LaTeX formulas and embedded graphics.
CoCalc also supports RMarkdown .Rmd files to include R and Python calculations and plots.

Batteries included

Out of the box hundreds of open-source tools are available for you. Here is a short list of a selected few:

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SageMathopen-source mathematical software
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R projectthe #1 open-source statistics software
(IconFonts not available)
Scientific Pythoni.e. Statsmodels, Pandas, SymPy, Scikit Learn, NLTK and many more
(IconFonts not available)
Juliaprogramming language for numerical computing
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GNU Octavescientific programming language, largely compatible with MATLAB
Tensorflowopen-source software library for machine intelligence
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LaTeXhigh-quality typesetting program
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GNU/Linuxoperating system and utility toolbox

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