Run Octave Online
Run Octave in an online Terminal, a Jupyter Notebook or an X11 desktop. The syntax is largely compatible with MATLAB®!

Run Octave on CoCalc


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Benefits of working online

  • You no longer have to install and maintain Octave. In particular when you're teaching a class, students just have to sign in to CoCalc to get started!
  • All your files are private, stored persistently, snapshotted and backed up.
  • You can invite collaborators to your project to simultaneously edit the same files.
  • Everything runs remotely, which means you do not have to worry about messing up your own computer.

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Jupyter Notebook support

Octave in CoCalc's Jupyter Notebooks

CoCalc offers its own Jupyter Notebook implementation. It has a few key differences.

  1. Real-time synchronization: two or more collaborators can edit the same notebook at the same time. Everyone sees what others are typing.
  2. Remote session: the notebook's kernel runs remotely. This means you only need a web-browser and internet access. Don't worry about software setup or exhausting your resources.
  3. If you depend on using the classical notebook or Jupyter Lab, it is also possible to start these services as well: Jupyter Classic/Lab

Octave in a Terminal

Octave in CoCalc's Terminal

You can edit Octave code and run it in a Terminal next to it – frame-editor docs.

File changes are tracked in detail via TimeTravel: this means you can see the progress of your changes or even check what collaborators/students did.

Octave in a Virtual Desktop (X11 emulator)

Octave in CoCalc's a Virtual X11 Desktop

You can start Octave's GUI in a full remote desktop – x11 docs.

Accessing a full GUI app remotely adds latency, but on the other hand you're freed from the limitations of a Terminal or Jupyter Notebook.

Snapshot backups

List of Snapshots

If you make a mistake, CoCalc has your back! If you accidentally remove files or mess up the content of other files, you can restore the content from the backups.

Snapshots are consistent read-only views of all your files in a CoCalc project. Restore your file(s) by copying back the one(s) that were lost or got corrupted.

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