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JupyterJuliaLaTeXLinuxOctavePythonR StatsSageMathSlidesTeachingTerminalWhiteboardX11ChatGPTCompareAPI

Comparing CoCalc to the Competition

Start free today. Upgrade later.

Online Jupyter Notebooks    learn more

Programming languages
Python, Sage, R, Octave, and many more

Python, R, etc. and customizable

Python 3

Python 3

Python 3, Quip
IPython Widgets
File sharing between users
Realtime collaboration: multiple people use the same notebook together
Possible via experimental extension to JupyterLab.

Colab used to have realtime sync, but it ended in 2017, when Google terminated their realtime API product.
Notebook persists, but data and files do not.
Large preinstalled software environment
1500+ Python libraries preinstalled; extensive R, Julia, Octave, and other packages.


Python3, SQL, Scala, R, and Kotlin kernels; large pre-installed env with top data science packages

27 featured Python packages
Paid Plans
Basic - $2 person/month; Pro - scales linearly depending on the resources you need

Free only

Pro - $9.99 person/month; Pro+ - $49.99 person/month

Pro - $19.90 person/month; Enterprise - $125 person/month

Pro - $12 person/month; Enterprise - $99 person / month; plus an additional hourly fee for more powerful compute resources at about 7x the market rate
Disk space
3GB/project for free


Uses your Google Drive storage

Limit of two simultaneously running notebooks

5GB for free
1GB/project for free

Limit of two simultaneously running notebooks

several GB for free
Idle timeout
30 minutes for free; pay for more

15 minutes for free; pay for more
Network access
Only for non-free projects (due to abuse)
Public Google-indexed searchable publishing of files
Self hosting
Open source
Partial (AGPLv3 + noncommercial use clause)

Some components are open

Some of their modifications to upstreams projects are open source
Only when self hosted

Only when self hosted

Yes, for free, and even better when paid.

Datalore Professional and when self-hosted

Online LaTeX Editors    learn more

Realtime collaboration and sync
Limited number of collaborators
PDFLaTeX rendering engine
XeLaTeX rendering engine
LuaTeX rendering engine
Run Python, R and other scripts as part of compilation
CoCalc is particularly good at this.

But limited.
Limited - very few packages, limited syntax, no caching, slow
Upload files
Forward and inverse searchN/A
Multifile supportN/A
This is only a partial WYSIWYG-like mode.
Equation editor
Only BibTex via LaTeX (nothing sophisticated)

Preloaded journal templates
However, you can easily upload a template from a journal.
Self hosting

Online Linux Terminal    learn more

GCE/AWS/Azure Clouds
Free access for unlimited time
Limited trial with credit card
Full Linux
Count of of pre-installed packages, by running 'apt list --installed | wc -l' or 'rpm -qa | wc -l'
~ 9500
~ 200

~ 700
Periodic backups of your data
Persistent of your data
Ease of setup and configuration


Very Easy

Root access
Start free today. Upgrade later.