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JupyterJuliaLaTeXLinuxOctavePythonR StatsSageMathSlidesTeachingTerminalWhiteboardX11ComputeAI AssistCompareAPI
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Online Collaborative Slides with Jupyter Code Cells and LaTeX Mathematics

Collaborative Computational Slides

Give presentations with code and mathematics using CoCalc Slides

Full featured online collaborative computational slides

  • Rich text collaborative markdown editor with mathematical LaTeX expressions,
  • Sticky notes,
  • Sketching with pens,
  • Jupyter code cells with support for tab completion and interactive widgets,
  • Chat conversations with collaborators,
  • Hundreds of icons,
  • Frames to group objects, and
  • Stopwatches and Countdown timers to organize and track work.

Computational Slides with Jupyter cells and more!

You can use Jupyter notebook code cells with over a dozen supported kernels, a massive library of pre-installed software and interactive widgets. You
  • Use slides to organize your presentation into sections,
  • Split your editor windows to view multiple sections of your slides simultaneously,
  • Easily navigate with an overview map and pages,
  • Every change that you and your collaborators make is recorded via browsable TimeTravel and you can copy/paste from any point in the history, and
  • Publish your slides to the share server.

Now Available!

Try it in any CoCalc project by clicking +New, then clicking "Slides".

We also offer an infinite canvas whiteboard with similar functionality.
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