Run Graphical Applications Online

A remote graphical Linux desktop

Maxima's graphical user interface

CoCalc is able to run graphical software using X11 via your browser.

The application with a graphical user interface runs remotely on CoCalc using a virtual display provided by XPRA.

Features and benefits

  • You no longer have to install and maintain the applications. In particular when you're teaching a class, students just have to sign in to CoCalc to get started!
  • These virtual desktops are persistent during an ongoing project session.
  • It is also possible to collaboratively interact with the same application in real-time.
  • You can copy/paste between your local desktop environment and the virtual session.
  • Sophisticated session handling and compression makes this much more robust and faster than traditional SSH X-forwarding.

Popular Applications

Popular applications are Maxima, LibreOffice, OpenModelica, Visual Studio Code, TexMaker, and many more …

Please check out our comprehensive table of installed application for additional details.

Documentation/Technical Background

The X11 Documentation explains how to use such a virtual desktop on CoCalc.

Read our blog post to learn about this features!

Start free, upgrade later

A new project runs under a free plan (unlimited trial) has a quota of 1.0 GB memory and 3.0 GB of disk space. Purchasing a subscription and upgrading your projects makes hosting more robust and increases its quotas.

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